Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Fact of the Day...

Charles Plosser is from Birmingham, Alabama. Born in 1948. And he's not the only white southern male on the Fed.

I wonder how much these conservative white guys from the south fancy having a black man as President...


  1. that is fucking ridiculous. Are you next going to claim racism is the cause of fed action to make big O look bad? Typical leftist. Everything is about ideology.

  2. Two points:
    (1) Jaime Galbraith's research on the Fed seeming to care about which party is in power more than inflation...
    (2) we've got lots of republicans on the Fed now...

    But, it's preposterous! that Fed officials would ever, ever be influenced by anything other than inflation and economic data when setting rates. Ridiculous. I'm just completely being ideological... Arthur Burns would NEVER keep interest rates low to reelect Nixon. How DARE I? Liberal IDEOLOGUES at our worst.

    (3) The data -- lower than target inflation expectations and high unemployment -- point toward more easing and the Fed's not doing it.

    Which of these points do you disagree with?


  3. I am the first poster. I actually think there is good research on the political incentives facing the fed. (Much better research than Galbraith.) But that is not the issue here.

    The issue is that you are calling Plosser a racist. I think that is bullshit. Have you met the man? Do you have any evidence?

    Its low, dirty, and cheap. However, I guess it is a true veblenian tactic. You are no doubt obsessed with relative status, being a veblenian and all. So you are simply trying to destroy the reputation and relative status of another person. (Yes, projection is an empirically validated psychological phenomenon.)

    But ultimately it reflects poorly on you. Have fun working out your low status issues with your shink.

  4. I didn't call Plosser a racist. I said I wonder how much these conservative white guys from the south like having a black man be president. If poll data is any indication, the answer to that question is "not much".

    Obama won 9% of the white male vote in Alabama. Given those odds I'm comfortable betting that Plosser did not vote for President Obama.