Monday, August 2, 2010

Another Stimulus Idea...

A comprehensive immigration bill, we know, is not going to happen.

And more stimulus is also, we know, not going to happen.

But, one thing the Congress could do if they weren't idiots is set aside another $5 billion to beef up the fence between the US and Mexico. I know, probably a waste of money, but it would likely reduce at least some of the illegal traffic, including drugs, which come across the border but more importantly it would put Americans back to work and make Americans think that Congress is doing something about immigration... CNN ran this segment the other night making it seem like a total outrage that we don't have a massive fence across the entire border with Mexico...


  1. Normally I would support an otherwise useless Federal project on the grounds that putting people to work would stimulate the economy. But this fence is not only useless (most unlawful workers entered the country legally) but harmful. It would uselessly disrupt wildlife migration.

    I'm all for useless, but draw the line at harmful.