Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Scenes from Class

Here are a few choice quotes today from the professor's lecture of the class I'm TA'ing for (the one using Greg Mankiw's book):

"America is the greatest country in the world, that's why everyone comes here."

"American Universities are the best in the world, that's why students from all over the world vote with their feet." [just before bored-looking students were seen voting with their feet and leaving...]

"Economics was called the dismal science because it foretold mass poverty"

"The Fed is pumping money into the system..."

Professor: "Government deficits crowd out business investment."
Student: "Do tax cuts crowd out investment too?"
Professor: "No. Tax cuts increase spending..."

"The easiest thing for the government to do is cut spending [to balance the budget]"


  1. geez...someone oughtta point out to the super america prof the new foreign policy article $123,000,000,000,000*
    *China’s estimated economy by the year 2040. Be warned.

  2. I'm beginning to think that I should call my congressman, and ask him to attach a rider to the next education bill to forbid any government grants or loans be used for a econ major.

    Jeebus, this is pathetic.

  3. It's not all bad -- I sat in on a graduate class today where the professor filled in an entire lecture with jabs and barbs about "mainstream" economists...

  4. How did the other guy get Tenure?

    I had a prof like him in engineering school: His class literally had negative utility, and was only 2 credits, and was at 8 in the morning.

    He got tenure because my alma mater had explosive growth in the 1960s, and he got in then, and so got tenure.

  5. Aren't you concerned that these tidbits will "out" you ? Then Larry Summers could track you down.

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