Monday, January 4, 2010

More on Budgets

According to the Center for Budget Priorities and Policies the total state budget shortfalls for 2010 are $192.6 billion, with another $120 billion projected for FY 2011. And these do not count local budget shortfalls.

We're going to need more stimulus...


  1. I think the support for a Budget Commission derives from many sources.

    1. It is unlikely to do any harm and may at least shed light on the problem.

    2. Many commission reports that are initially ignored, provide good ideas that are later adopted in whole or part. (The two Hoover Commissions produced recomendations that were ignored but can now be found in the structure of OMB, the federal accounting structure and even the Congressional Budget process.)

    3. The first BRAC commission actually hit one out of the park and everyone hopes to get lucky a second time.

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