Sunday, December 13, 2009

Paul Samuelson, RIP

End of an era.

It's doubly sad given what's become of MIT Econ. There was never any replacement for the likes of Solow and Samuelson. Daron Acemoglu is no Paul Samuelson, and Olivier Blanchard is no Robert Solow.

Acemoglu’s graduate growth textbook is a horrific joke. Blanchard’s undergrad Economic textbook is rife w/ errors, grammatical and factual. Samuelson sweat blood when he wrote his textbook, Blanchard looks to have outsourced the writing of his to India.


  1. "Acemoglu’s graduate growth textbook is a horrific joke. "

    Dude I spent about 50 bucks on that book. I think its better for my sanity to pretend it is good and has something worthwhile to say. I guess that is how I feel about all my textbooks. Cognitive dissonance is the way to go.

  2. well, since i'm still anonymous, i don't mind giving people the pdf of 'Moglus text, although i'm not sure I want the thing to spread... what a horrific waste of $50, when you could at least have gambled that money away in Vegas.