Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Torch Has Passed...

As everyone is well aware, as of last month, Larry Summers is no longer a part of this administration. Hence, the name of this blog had become a touch anachronistic. While the original mission of the blog -- to see to it that Larry Summers get to spend more time with his family -- has been accomplished, the overall vision of having a Democratic President who makes smart Economic Policies (or at least policies that aren't terrible), is unchanged. While the torch has been passed to a new set of Economic Advisers, the need to keep heat on these people persists. And so, this blog is now devoted to providing Economic Policy advice for President Obama, free of charge.

I plan to continue blogging both sporadically and in an unpredictable manner. The past year has been an interesting one both personally and professionally, and it is very difficult to judge in advance how much time I will actually be able to spend blogging. However, I will continue to hold forth on key issues as I see fit.

Special thanks to all of my advertisers and loyal fans, famous and infamous, who have written in over the years. 2011 is going to be a great year!


  1. I like your reply to your infamous fan!

    BTW the narcissistic greedy bloodsucker aka "economist" Greg Mankiw is back again with another new edition of snake oil. "I changed some paragraphs. Please hand over you US$."

  2. re: mankiw -- totally agreed!

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