Sunday, March 7, 2010

Cool Development Organization

It's called "Think Impact" .

The basic idea is that it takes students and young people to Africa to get involved in social entrepreneurship activities. According to its website "Our philosophy is people-powered global development. Think Impact focuses on the next generation of leaders. We offer students the ideas, leadership, and capital to leverage social innovation and local community resources to alleviate poverty."

As far as development org's go, this is the real deal. What Africa needs is more pipelines into rich country markets... This can happen if either Africans learn about rich country markets, or if Americans and Europeans learn about what can be profitably made in Africa. They've got a link to donate on their website.


  1. Africa does NOT need more pipelines to the so-called rich states. What we absolutely do NOT need is another competitor on the race to the bottom. What Africa NEEDS is economic development that solves the real economic requirements of the Africans

  2. Hmm I really enjoyed reading some new facts about African economy and I find the name of the organization too innovative. Mr. Johnthan I am not much aware with African economy but I would like to ask you why you felt that pipelines are not needed?? IT would be good to read your explanation and some new facts.