Friday, August 14, 2009

Summers on Meet the Press

I had been busy, and missed this, but this is Summers more or less at his best.

Check it out.

He was far from perfect, but I have to give him credit -- he did a good thing. We need him on TV more. I thought he should have focused more on the human aspects of why we need health care reform rather than arguing that slowing the growing costs of health care should increase competitiveness and talking about how Obama insists on doing health care reform in a balanced budget way, but it's larry summers we're talking about. And part of the reason I believe he can be so effective in this capacity is that, in fact, he thinks like a Republican. Republicans don't care if some poor person will get health care under Obamacare, but if businesses can cut costs and gov't can balance its budget, then! it's a winner.

I still need to see more performances like this (or better) before I'll change the blog title, however.

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