Thursday, April 16, 2009

Summers Wikipedia Page...

Not everything I've added still stands, yet, nevertheless, it does look like much of the dirt on Summers I added (all with citations) is still there...

Check it out:


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  2. Feel free to republish this with a link to the original blog, and keep up the good work!

  3. There's a national campaign to fire Larry Summers. He was responsible for destroying Glass-Steagall when he was in the Clinton Administration. So, Summers is the precursor of the meltdown -- and the bailout.

    Check out Summers is allied with Peter Orsag and the behaviorist economists, Cass Sunnstein, David Thaler et al. Look at the Time Magazine expose of the Behaviorist gang at the White House. They are really out to eliminate Medicare (rationalize=eliminate). Hope to see you cover these behaviorists.

    Lyndon LaRouche said this to an international webcast audience, including several meetings of economists in academia on April 28th. See

    So, we are dealing with a moral issue. The President's opinion is not worth anything if it's wrong! It has no authority if it's wrong! He's associating with people he shouldn't associate with, like these behavioral economist creeps. Like this chief advisor, who spends most of the face-time with him, in the White House. The President has no right to do this! He may be elected, and if the United States tolerates this thing to continue, the way he behaves, they're responsible: We bring the destruction upon ourselves, by allowing him to behave in this way! We have a moral responsibility as citizens to tell this guy: "Straighten up! Cut it out. Fire these guys! Fire the behavioral economists. The behaviorists. Fire Larry Summers. Get him out of there." That's our job.