Monday, March 9, 2009

that wordsmith Keynes...

Lol... Here's Keynes description of Wilson, as he seeks to explain Wilson's retreat at Versailles from the idealism of the 14 points to agreeing to vindictive reparations: "But this blind and deaf Don Quixote was entering a cavern where the swift and glittering blade was in the hands of the adversary."
from the Economic Consequences of the Peace

The only thing which makes me suspicious of Keynes take on Wilson is that Keynes has much harsher words for Wilson that he did for Lloyd George or Clemenceau, even though, on every issue, George and Clemenceau would have pushing for a tougher stance on Germany and Wilson for a softer approach. Plus, if memory serves, the US Senate never even ratified the Treaty as it was b/c of the League of Nations clause (and probably b/c it didn't get the US enough of Germany's money)... So Wilson may have been put in an impossible situation in any event... Had Lloyd George not promised English voters "not to let the Hun off", history might have been different...

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